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I’ve been on a roll lately for the arts

Anyone want to add anything else to the list?

#I'd like some prime peeps

  1. hunjeok said: Forever rooting for Kup/Springer. XD Prime style if you want *u*
  2. decepticonkairi said: Galvy covered in bunnies.
  3. ha-hahaha-ha-tower-knight said: Would it be possible to draw the Black Phantom from the hero factory Franchise
  4. spookymomotori said: Prime Arcee or Breakdown?
  5. duplicitycon said: mega-butts.
  6. teach-me-how-to-buggy said: TFA Blurr babbling to TFA Percy?
  7. prince--of said: Prime Soundwave and or Starscream
  8. rinpin said: Pufferfish sentinel!
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