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heres-your-ammo ASKED: "You spelled Ultra Magnus wrong, I think you spelled megatron or something weird like that."


#but no you're right #Mag is a SUPER HOT potato :3c #hue hue hue

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whoopeedo ASKED: "Cali you reblogged that Megatron and now my dash exploded with notes."

Thats cause Megatron is a hot potato :3c

#and perhaps I run on the suffering of others #83c

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#excuse u are u Ultra Magnus

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who wore it best?

#im crying loudly

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星の子に絡まれる by てとり

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((Episode source: Transformers Animated “Megatron Rising Part 1”))


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the essence of Ratchet in three acts

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Anonymous ASKED: "How affordable was that for you to make??"

For me it was 100% affordable, my parents demo’d their bathrooms so they had ton of old old mirrors and my cousins were at their house so my parent’s could teach them to make their own countertops. So I used a couple of my weekends to help them make their counters and they all let me use the bit of extra wood they had and the extra mirror that they were just going to throw out.

The tools are the most expensive part (I used a Jig saw, table saw and a dremel tool) but my mothers brothers were all in construction so she had a lot of tools and my step dad comes from a farmy Texan family so he had tons of tools and they combined them when they got married so I just had to learn and use my time to do it , then used the extra stain my cousins had to finish it.

#So I guess it 'cost' me the work hours of working with my cousins and on the mirrors #but I only decided to make the mirror after they were done when they had all the extra material